Our Industries

Specialising in manufacturing services crossing multiple core industry sectors


Anderson Stewart Castings has extensive experience in supplying the automotive and associated industries. The design freedom offered by the investment casting process, together with virtually unlimited choice of materials, has proved to be a cost effective alternative to other manufacturing methods.

The net shape capability of the process is additionally attractive, in that the cost of alteration of design is less than with other high volume processes. Aluminium wax impression dies can be modified at low cost and with short lead times.


Here at Anderson Stewart Castings, we understand that components for railroad applications must deliver a long service life whilst meeting some of the most stringent safety standards. Our modern manufacturing software and processes, experienced engineers and inspection teams deliver highest quality components which are fully traceable and certified from material selection through to finished components.

We manufacture in wide range of alloys and materials, producing varying quantities of components from small up to the larger production volumes.


We specialise in the supply of bespoke performance critical components manufactured to the extremely demanding designs and specifications required for nuclear environments - components that can be found in the most arduous of service environments where excellence, accuracy and reliability are essential.

We have the expertise to manufacture in a wide range of materials including carbon, alloy, nickel, super duplex and stainless grades. We also manufacture from a range of non-ferrous grades including brass, copper, cupro-nickel, aluminium, phosphor bronze and aluminium bronze. Our materials are manufactured and supplied in accordance with national and international industry standards, sourced from customer and industry approved vendors.

Oil & Gas

The needs of high technology industries are met by the many years of experience and expertise accumulated at Anderson Stewart Castings.

A high quality awareness throughout the company, and a process capable of producing complex castings to close tolerances and high specifications, ensures the integrity of components destined for the most demanding operating conditions.

General Engineering

Design flexibility and close tolerance net shape capability of the process offers a cost effective alternative to conventional manufacturing methods.

The range of materials which can be used in the investment casting process, together with the ability to produce parts which require little or no subsequent machining, makes the process suitable for most industries. The process is capable of handling high or low volume production runs, but of course the higher the volume, the greater the cost effectiveness.

Marine Industry

Anderson Stewart Castings supply precision investment cast components to companies within the marine industry.   Our components can be found on a variety of leisure boats and small commercial vessels.

We are able to supply components in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys together with specialist alloys suited to high temperature applications. 

Our process and size capacity is well suited to the production of propellers, deck hardware, handles, brackets and certain engine components and covers.

Combining our on-site finishing techniques with our supplier networks, we are able to offer components encompassing a wide range of surface finishes for both industrial, commercial and leisure vessels.

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