Using up to date manufacturing processes, we deliver quality and value to our clients.

Investment Casting

Investment casting, or the "Lost Wax" process, has its origins in ancient civilisations, when it was used in casting jewellery and bronzes from wax patterns produced by hand.

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Rapid Prototype Castings

Rapid prototypes used in investment casting is a reliable means to quickly produce metal castings while in the preliminary design phases of an investment casting project. Allowing you to trial a sample design.

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Global Sourcing

We are able to offer a range of casting and forging options through our global supply partners.

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Our sister company, Precision Tooling Services, gives us the ability to provide our clients with fully engineered, finished components.

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Tooling & Fixture Design

Design guidance to streamline simultaneous engineering of the product. This generates savings in lead times and helps minimise tooling and development costs.

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