Rapid Prototype Castings

Providing one off's and small batch quantities through our additive manufacturing service.


For customers who only need a limited number of parts, our rapid prototype casting service offers a quick and relatively low-cost alternative.  Rapid prototype castings are fully functioning parts with the same strength and metallurgical properties as traditionally investment cast parts. However, they carry the added advantage of substituting injected wax patterns with 3-D printed patterns.

Rapid prototypes used in investment casting are a reliable means to quickly produce metal castings while in the preliminary design phases of a project allowing you to trial a sample design, which can avoid expensive tooling charges. Rapid prototype castings are usually less costly and time-consuming than the process of machining prototypes out of bar stock or producing prototypes through weldments.

Save on costs and lead time using rapid prototype investment casting

At Anderson Stewart Castings, we have produced a variety of different prototype castings in a wide variety of designs, ranging from 1-piece oil and gas prototypes to production runs on multi-industry parts.

All rapid prototype castings from Anderson Stewart Castings are produced using the same casting materials as our investment castings. We have experience producing rapid prototypes using a range of 3-D printed materials, enabling us to offer your project a variety of cost and quality options.

Contact us to submit your CAD design for consideration and to discuss the requirements of your rapid prototype investment casting.